Saturday, March 3, 2007

SexA - Croatian post-punk from early 80s

SexA (Sedatives ex Apoteka - which should translate as Sedatives from the Pharmacy) was a seminal Croatian band that played since early 80s until they broke up in the early 90s.
The started in 1980/81, which was a really good time for Yugoslavian new wave. But due to the unaccessibilty of their music they haven't released anything until 1986 when a live cassette from their gig in Koper (Slovenia) was released in edition of 200 copies.
Soon after that the band went into hiatus. They re-appeared in 1989 with slightly different line up and totally different sound. This time they were quite noisy, not too different from bands like Killdozer, Big Black, Rapemen, although I'd say they were closest to Stretch Heads.
During this period they released one LP and a single, as well as some cassettes. When the war in former Yugoslavia started they moved to Amsterdam and soon after broke up, for good it seems... Unfortunatelly, it appears Steve Albini was really interested in working with them, but the band was no more.
Here are some of heir post-punk/wave stuff, both studio and live. The quality is not the greatest, but it will give you an idea how good SexA was.