Monday, October 20, 2008

The last Belgrade gig (for now)


It was time for last show in Belgrade and I was glad I booked it at Akademija club – a venue I spent half of my youth watching some cool bands. The venue is situated in the basement of the Academy of Fine Arts in the heart of Belgrade. Nowadays they split it in two venues and I got to play the smaller one. It looks really cool, with it's walls and floors built centuries ago, giving it a bit of a spooky feel – the right mood for Gutter Guitar.

By the time I started the venue was reasonably packed. I played two pieces, some 25 minutes in total. During the second one a guy came up tome from the crowd and asked if I mind him joining on drums. I didn't mind at all, expecting him to jump on a kit and do some crazy fucked up free jazz drumming. Instead he just kicked the beat on a bass drum for a couple of minutes and that was it. Hopefully I'll be back next year for some more shows.Now it's time to go back to Japan, then to Perth...

Your mission here is finished, turn the amp off and buzz away...

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