Saturday, May 23, 2009

Abe Sada, Japan Tour 2009

22, 23, 24 May 2009

so, here we go with another tour of Japan to promote 2 CDs released here late last year...

we took off from Perth airport 1am on Friday morning, flew to Singapore, then to Tokyo, all the way with Singapore airlines, which is heaps better than Qantas, as we all should know. great food, awesome service, excellent choice of entertainment - I saw "Gran Torino", which was great, and Japanese Oscar-winning "Departures", which was fuckin' awesome!!! Found the DVD in Yokohama yesterday, but, alas, no English subtitles.

First gig is on Monday 25 May, so I'm staying at in-laws and sampling lots of local food/drinks. Last night went out with a bunch of Japanese friends. Man, can they drink! I was drinking heaps, but behaving myself, as I needed to be sober enough to catch the last train.

The place we partied was a tiny Japanese style restaurant/bar, with great food and even better background music. I gave my latest CD to a couple of friends and sure enough, a couple of hours and 10 drinks later I though I could hear something familiar - the bar staff played it through PA! To say it was surreal to hear my own music played at some bar far away fromhome to a bunch of total strangers would be an understatement. But it felt damn good!

Today is a chill out day, it rains outside and I prefer to stay at home and get ready for next 5 days of hard touring schedule, hard eating and even harder drinking routine...

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